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A Chinese friend goes to Africa

Sometime in November 2015, a Chinese female friend, who wants to be called Swift, went to Nigeria for business. She said that business in Guangzhou has been declining and becoming more difficult to sustain. Trying to find business opportunities or … Continue reading

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Opting out of work to be bosses

I want to use this blog to think through an article that I’m planning to write soon. It’s based on my fieldwork in a town within Fuqing City in China. While in South Africa, a common impression that researchers (particularly, … Continue reading

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Of body and beauty

It was probably in 2007 or 2008 when this situation that I’m about to share occurred. At that time, an Anthropologist friend had suggested that I write about it and, perhaps, offer some sort of theoretical analysis. I wasn’t keen … Continue reading

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What relationship China-Africa?

In Guangzhou, I know researchers, mostly PhD students, who are interested in inter-racial relationships between Africans and Chinese. Mainly, the focus is romantic relationships or marriages between African men and Chinese women. A documentary is being made on this subject, … Continue reading

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