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[Article] How many Africans are in Guangzhou?

Most times when I’ve mentioned that I’ve done some research on the African population in Guangzhou, I’d be questioned about their number. Interestingly, “how many” wasn’t the first question that came to my mind when I started or that motivated my … Continue reading

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[Article] Of washing powder, Afrophobia and racism in China

To further complicate my previous blog about my personal experience with Guangzhou being an international city that hasn’t adequately coped with its identity yet, I want to share the following story: By Roberto Castillo Is Afrophobia really on the rise in … Continue reading

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An International City

One night early this month, on my way to meet a Swiss colleague’s PhD students from the university that she teaches at in Germany, a woman in the subway started to talk to me by complimenting my bracelet. She spoke English, … Continue reading

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[Article] Learning to Speak Lingerie: Chinese merchants and the inroads of globalization

This story about Chinese entrepreneurs in Egypt was published in the New Yorker in August 2015. Though not entirely new, it remains newsworthy. In my view, it’s fascinating because who would think that lingerie would sell so well in predominantly … Continue reading

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[Article] Inside the Mall at the Center of China’s Transformation of East Africa

By Mansi Choksi and Kim Wall Mariam Namata’s face was dappled with sweat when she arrived for a job interview at Sunshine Foods, a company that claimed to be Uganda’s first homemade chips manufacturer. It was October 2015, a fierce … Continue reading

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Want to work in China? Be prepared (forewarned)

Dealing with bureaucracy really saps energy. Some people might respond that there’s bureaucracy in every country, not just in China. That’s right. I don’t want to make the country exceptional, as I haven’t lived everywhere. I have South Africa and … Continue reading

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Places and the (im)possibilities of friendship

Occasionally, I’d receive “come home frendo” and other similar messages on my Facebook wall or inbox.  The “home” referred to in these messages is South Africa, not the US. Though I’ve been back for research purposes, it’s almost been three … Continue reading

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