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[Article] How many Africans are in Guangzhou?

Most times when I’ve mentioned that I’ve done some research on the African population in Guangzhou, I’d be questioned about their number. Interestingly, “how many” wasn’t the first question that came to my mind when I started or that motivated my … Continue reading

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“This person is ‘ma fan’”

Ma fan, for non-Chinese speakers, is actually not the name of a person. It’s a Chinese word that looks like this 麻烦. It can be used as an adjective as well as a noun, meaning “trouble.” The kind of “trouble” … Continue reading

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Fieldwork, gender, and race

I haven’t written about the research process in awhile. Recent knowledge of a fellow researcher’s experience at her fieldsite has motivated me to finally put some thoughts in writing, related to being an Asian woman researcher who does fieldwork in … Continue reading

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Business there, life here

To say that the African women I’ve met in Guangzhou, China are complex people is a bit of a cliché, I know. I’ve already introduced a Somali research participant in a previous blog. She’s a businesswoman (or trader) who’s engaged in … Continue reading

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Left-Behind Children Left Behind

Looking at the four photographs below, could you guess that the Chinese children and African child have something else in common other than, possibly, age? The youngest child was about four years old when the photograph was taken. The oldest, … Continue reading

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Do they really look alike, the wholesale markets!

Except for identifying the source in one, I’ve intentionally excluded detailed captions to the three photographs that immediately follow below. Scrutinize and compare them them before reading further. Can you tell where each one was taken – city, country, or … Continue reading

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Gender and its inconveniences for Chinese women

“You know I never think about this. But sometimes I hate I am a girl,” my Chinese friend, Swift, wrote on WeChat one day. She was feeling annoyed with the Chinese man who’d agreed to rent one of his rooms … Continue reading

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