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[Article] Learning to Speak Lingerie: Chinese merchants and the inroads of globalization

This story about Chinese entrepreneurs in Egypt was published in the New Yorker in August 2015. Though not entirely new, it remains newsworthy. In my view, it’s fascinating because who would think that lingerie would sell so well in predominantly … Continue reading

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[Article] Inside the Mall at the Center of China’s Transformation of East Africa

By Mansi Choksi and Kim Wall Mariam Namata’s face was dappled with sweat when she arrived for a job interview at Sunshine Foods, a company that claimed to be Uganda’s first homemade chips manufacturer. It was October 2015, a fierce … Continue reading

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Business there, life here

To say that the African women I’ve met in Guangzhou, China are complex people is a bit of a cliché, I know. I’ve already introduced a Somali research participant in a previous blog. She’s a businesswoman (or trader) who’s engaged in … Continue reading

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Doing smart business or digging a deeper hole?

The days that led up to Anna showing Swift, my Chinese friend, some figures related to the jewelry wholesale business that she had helped to set up in Togo months ago were nerve-wracking. The fear she felt and why she feared for … Continue reading

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Fearful for her life…once again…in Togo

It’s getting close to late January 2016. Swift will soon have to return to Lagos, Nigeria to tend to her business. A Chinese manufacturer has been hounding her for his money. He wants it before the Spring Festival (this year … Continue reading

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A Prequel: housing woes for a newcomer

“There is no way I can live [there],” Swift writes with an exasperated tone. Prior to her arrival in Togo, Anna had agreed for Swift to live at her house. Without any questions, the newcomer from China (my friend) arrived … Continue reading

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A Prequel: Swift goes to Togo

After reading my blog, A Chinese friend goes to Africa, Swift asks me if I could write about her experiences in Togo. On one hand, I think she wants others to know about a particular instance of Chinese doing business in … Continue reading

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